Benefits of the crime investigators in computer field

There are a lot of crimes that is happening everywhere around the world, after the invention of the computers the crime rates are increased that are technology based. These sorts of crimes are called the computer crimes or the digital crimes. The investigation departments who are performing the crime, analyzing is called the digital forensics or the computer forensics. The digital forensics involves the examining of the information that is purposefully erased from the system. They are very much talented in retrieving the information that includes the date and the time of the information that is created, or installed in the computer or other electronic devices. These are helpful in finding the terrorism acts that are practiced by the employees and also about the spouse behavior cheating. The electronic equipment like mobile phones as well as the other GPS systems that are used every day has a lot of important information which are received from the texts as well as the emails. These forensics departments are getting popular in the analysis of the data that are present in the technological devices.

Digital Forensics

Role of the forensic investigator:

The experienced investigator is highly talented in recovering the erased documents from the computer; they can retrieve the data even if the person has deleted browser history. The examiner can review the previous texts or the messages that are carried out in the instant messengers. They are trained in re-creating the information that is erased from their electronic devices.

Benefits of the investigator from the digital forensics investigation department:

There are a lot of cases that are handled by the digital investigation department which are as follows:

The adult cases- these involve the fraudulent activities that are happening in between the spouse.

Fraud cases- These cases usually involve the alteration of the documents; in general, the word processor can provide the information that is related to the author information as well as the computer details on which the document is created.

Harassment cases- These cases are usually related to the harassments that happened to the person by means of the calls or the messages. These investigators are specialized in retrieving the call logs as well as the messages and also can find the source from where the messages are created.

Surveillance- Most of the modern computer programs are one of the valuable assets of the examiners. They have few devices which act as the spy in finding the information that provides the real time information about the details of the crime that has occurred.

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